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Вкратце новости о новом альбоме

Вкратце новости о новом альбоме, дабы ответить на вопрос, когда же релиз? Группа приступит к завершающим стадиям производства альбома в начале января, вместе с Дэйвом Огилви, прослушивание будет в конце января.
Релиз запланирован на март 2017. Также стоит отметить, что кампания в поддержку альбома продолжается, по ссылке можно узнать и подробные новости.

We are excited to begin our second Pledge campaign! The last time we were overwhelmed with the response from you our fans and we have talked about this campaign and what we would like to do for you since the last one ended. We are working on the new record and you are going to be in on the process as we keep you in the loop with what we are doing.
We will be giving updates as well and talking about the history of the band just as we did last time. This time a lot of what we will be talking about will be things that have to do with the book from business to art, etc we will cover it all. And, we love hearing from you and reading your comments.
We have a new supplier and shipper as well; people who are very experienced in this area and so we are looking forward to a smooth rollout of items in the late fall.
Thanks again for being with us…… you know we appreciate each and every one of you.