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[Клип] The Birthday Massacre - Beyond

21 Апрель 2015 - 22:40

From the album "Superstition"

Directed by Dan Ouellette.

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[Новости группы] Два новых интервью с прошедших шоу в Атланте и Тампе

21 Ноябрь 2014 - 14:06

Два новых интервью, записанных в ходе Северо-американского турне TBM в Атланте 18 ноября и Тампе 19 ноября.

The Orpheum Tampa:


Arena: The Birthday Massacre are back on the road in support of the new album . That said, how has the tour been going so far?
Chibi: It's been really good. the crowds have been great. We've been on tour with The Red Painting, and New Years Day, and they've been really great people, and it's just a good tour. It's a great tour. [But] it's absolutely freezing! I feel like we're bringing the cold weather across to the ‘States from Canada! We put it in the bus with us and brought it from Canada (laughs).
Arena: Sounds like you're not homesick then.
Chibi: Mhmmm.
Arena: Let's talk about . This was actually funded on Pledge Music.
Chibi: Yes. It's the first time we've ever done a crowd sourcing campaign like this. We were really hesitant to do it, but it ended up going well, and I think everybody who pledged money to it has been satisfied, I hope. So it's been a pretty good experience all around.
Arena: A lot of artists usually are excited and hesitant to put themselves out there like The Birthday Massacre dude because, let's face it, the band is putting their destiny in the fans' hands and asking for contributions. Through this experience, what did you learn?
Chibi: Well, I feel like it's sort of given us a solid idea of how much support we've been getting from people. I mean, we met 100% of our goal in the first 24 hours, which was shocking and super exciting. It really gives you a feeling of who's out there and the amount of support you have. It's sort of a gauge of what's going on with people. You can look on the Internet and be like, "Oh, we're getting this and that, and people seem to like us," but the doing a campaign like this gives us a much better idea of how many people are out there and who's into it, and how many people want another record (laughs). It's always nice to see people want another record. It's kind of a good knowledge to have.
Arena: I know you're humble and all that, but, honestly, was there ever a doubt people wouldn't want to hear another record form The Birthday Massacre?
Chibi: I don't know. I wouldn't say I'm humble. I would say I'm a nihilist. I just always assume no one is ever going to show up (laughs). Every single time we do a show, I always think, "No one is going to come." It's … I don't know.
Arena: It's got to be cool feeling when people show up then. It's got to be like a nice surprise every night.
Chibi: Oh, it definitely is. I like to set myself up for disappointment so if that happens, then it's like, "Yeah, I knew it! I told you!" Every show, every time, in everything we do.
Arena: That is quite an attitude to have because you've been making music for about 15 years, and the band has quite a following.
Chibi: Well sometimes I feel like when that happens … like two years ago when we did a tour, we sold out the Gramercy Theatre in New York City, and it's like, "Yes, we sold it out, this is great!" And the next night we played to 30 people in Montreal (laughs). You're riding the wave, and then you fall off the surfboard, but I'm always ready for it though. I'm always ready for it. The first night of this tour we did Montreal and we had a pretty nice turnout, so again, it's so unpredictable. You never know what's going to happen.
Arena: Well, evidently, the fans have spoken, and clearly they wanted a new album, and delivers. Talk to me the songwriting and inspiration behind . What did you want to portray this time around?
Chibi: I mean, I can only obviously speak for myself, but personally, the last year for me was sort of dark in a lot of ways. There were a few deaths in my sphere, so I sort of started looking at the whole concept of how do you take comfort in things, almost in a spiritual sort of way. Like what's beyond this? What are we doing here? What happens later? You start thinking of that when you start losing people who are close to you.
I guess the three of us [me, Rainbow, and Falcore] started looking at different cultures. Like where do they look? What are their spiritual beliefs? What are some old legends? What do people generally take comfort in? And what religion, and spirituality and different things. At the end of the day, it's all sort of just like everyone's beliefs are different. It's just superstition. So that's where a lot of the lyrics came from.
Arena: A sense of that is all over the album and in that video you shot for "Beyond."
Chibi: Yeah, I mean we're not very gloomy people, believe it or not. We're really not!
Arena: You don't have to convince me.
Chibi: (Laughs) Don't listen to the band name. We're not gloomy people at all. But yeah, there were definitely some darker elements. All of us were thinking about that. Between us getting older, our families getting older, you start thinking about these things. We all do, so that's where we were at when we were writing this album. We just released the video and the director, Dan Ouellette, was on the same page with us.
Arena: Right, the video for "Beyond," which I love. What exactly was going on there? It seemed like a viking funeral, but on land.
Chibi: (Laughs) Oh yeah, you light them on fire and set them out to sea. I'm familiar with viking funerals.
Arena: Yes! It's like having this pool of fire inside the land, which was very creative and unique.
Chibi: Yeah, and even the girl with the long red hair in the video, she was such a beautiful, statuesque girl. Camille was her name, and I took some photos during the shoot. She just looked like a statue, like the Virgin Mary, or the Lady Near The Lake. She was such a good choice. I felt she just suited that whole vibe. It's very mysterious, isn't it?
Arena: It is. It's full of all this mystery! Like I said, viking funeral on land. You don't ever see that … well, unless people watch your video, that is.
Chibi: Right. It came out very nice. Dan Ouellette had the whole vision for it, and it went perfectly with the song, we thought. And that girl, she is unreal. She is not of this earth (laughs).
Arena: At least it doesn't sound gloomy.
Chibi: Mhmmm! Like I said, we're not gloomy people!
Arena: Definitely not! Moving along, could you take one of the songs and tell me the story behind it?
Chibi: Oh, "Divide" is a good one. That one has a lot of, sort of, legend imagery to it. We were looking at Norse mythology and sort of the concept of three witches, and there is a tree in the forest, and the river goes to it and feeds it the rive of life. Again, [going back to] all these spiritual ideas and concepts of what lies beyond and what different people believe. If there were any viking funeral stuff, it would probably be in that song (laughs). If you look at the lyrics of that, we just sort of dug up some stuff. Rainbow was really into the lyrical imagery of that song. He did a lot of research and put a lot of images we've never heard of before [into that song].
Arena: Something I always liked about The Birthday Massacre, especially on , is the musical blend. You're labeled as synth rock, dark wave, new wave, whatever you want to call it, and the band has been doing this since the jump. To me, it's so interesting because it's like artists nowadays are doing something similar to what you have always done.
Chibi: Yeah, I mean, I think everything that's old is new again. When we were kids in the 80s and 90s, we were looking back to the 60s, and people who are making music now are looking back to the 80s in the same way we grew up looking at the 60s. I can't believe it because [it's] such an illustration of how time passes and how quickly it goes by all of a sudden. The 80s is a really long time ago, but those were our influences when we started the band, and it's always going to be part of our influence -- a huge part to us personally and musically.

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